Family Of Antwon Rose Files Federal Wrongful Death Lawsuit

East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Ross felt who is facing criminal charges in the death of Antoine Rose is now facing a civil lawsuit the rose family is suing Ross felt in the borough of East Pittsburgh claiming excessive deadly force in their son’s death KDKA investigator Andy Sheehan has our report in filing the lawsuit in federal court antoine roses family is seeking monetary damages but their family attorney says they want something more than money they want to bring light to this problem in our country they want answers about how this could happen and they really just want justice and they want a long lasting memory of their son to endure forever the suit alleges that east Pittsburgh police officer Michael Ross failed shooting of rose was unprovoked and unjustified Ross felt was in no immediate danger no one else was in an immediate danger when he fired the shots into the back of young Antoine Rose we also feel that he didn’t follow proper police procedure he acted alone rather than waiting for backup and it names the borough the mayor and the police chief as bearing responsibility there was absolutely no vetting process no no no checks and balances and hiring of this officer there is almost no training of this officer no one from the borough would comment and neither would Roz felts attorney who is preparing a criminal homicide defense but the suit alleges that at the scene Ross Feld shouted quote menacing and hostile orders causing rose and Zevon Hester to quote fear for their lives and run from the car the suit further states that quote at no time did Ross Feld attempt to provide medical aid and/or treatment to Rose who was later pronounced dead at the hospital this suit essentially is to seek answers how and why this could happen Michael Ross Feld’s more immediate concern will be the criminal homicide charges but the burden of proof against him in this civil claim will be much lower and he’ll likely be spending the next several years in court in East Pittsburgh Andy Sheehan kdka-tv news