Kalil McCoy’s family awarded 495 million dollars in wrongful death lawsuit

Justice more than seven years after 20 year-old Khalil McCoy was shot and killed while she was riding with friends in Arlington a jury awarded 495 million dollars to her family for intentional stress and punitive damages they plan to have a statue placed where the 20 year olds body was left joining me this morning to discuss the emotional process as McCoy’s mother Lynette Roebuck her brother Adil and of course a local attorney John Phillips who represented the family in the wrongful death lawsuit good morning to all of you thank you for being here when you heard the jury’s decision what was your reaction he’s still numb still kind of Numb but it was it was shocking and a surprise and it was overwhelming very overwhelming speechless I wish I could have my sister back and John mm this was obviously very emotional for you this has been emotional for this family for the last seven almost eight years why was it why did you think you’d be successful this is unusual in that the people involved are in prison well not all of them this was a my hairy friend you know in Jacksonville knows we’ve been on this mission since since Khalil died since Jordan Davis died and and we’ve got to find a way to handle gun violence it happened again last night and and so this we charged the jury with being able to send a message and do something on a civil perspective one of these guys fancies himself as an NFL star one day well if if he does guess who’s gonna be there waiting Khalil and so it was more than we asked for the jury understood that there was a civic obligation to try to curb it here in Jacksonville and we’re so thankful for them and in terms of the details I mean how does this work particularly I mean that the jury awarded most you know from Frederick Wade who was in prison ha what are the chances of being able to really get some sizeable amount of money for this family considering their law collection attorneys will will do what collection attorneys do right we hang the numbers they collect them so I will all of that will be determined but whether it’s whether whether the family sees ten dollars or ten million dollars or one hundred nine Italy nobody in Jacksonville can pay a half billion dollar verdict we’re aware but guess what if if if now people know that the criminal justice system is waiting for them and the civil justice system is waiting for them maybe they’ll call CrimeStoppers after a crime maybe they’ll do something to be more responsible if they know justice is beyond full and fair in Jacksonville Florida is that what you hope to will this somehow make someone who considers pulling a gun out and shooting someone maybe take a second thought to think that maybe that person or their entire family could then be held responsible not just emotionally but also financially yes I really believe that we have this in a message we have to send a message I mean what I don’t really understand is how do you think you could take a life and then not really pay for the crime like what with the young man the young guy that killed my daughter I don’t even want to say his name because he doesn’t get that from me he murdered her I was happy when he had life but now he has 45 years so I’m still not happy with that but Mike Khalil said she said that she will hunt him for the rest of his life she said that for all of them this is a good way to hunt you but if I have one do-over Chen if I have one do-over I would ask God to allow her to call me again so I could tell her don’t go out because you’re gonna be lied to and that’s gonna lead to your death I mean these were friends I don’t I don’t call them friends because of rarely not yes we thought they were she thought that they would protect her and not harm her he knows are the very ones that harmed her and did not protect her they took her body and they threw it like trash but you posed to be her friend they don’t even get that from me they’re not friends they were animals friends don’t do friends like that a friend protects cover keeps ideal when you think about your twin sister I’ve seen these pictures for almost eight years what abused sister you had that smile how do you remember her her smile it’s her smile and just her voice you know we were twins and we still are so I’m I’m the male version of her she’s a female version of me I I see my sister in my sleep I wake up I can smell like I hear a voice Oh squeaky voice you know like we make up games and stuff like that like the toy in connection is is so close and it’s crazy you know I think about her all the time and a lot of people don’t understand some made but it’s kind of hard and somebody not as – it’s very hard it’s I really really really really missing my sister no price can put anything to bring my sister back I already have my sister here with me and and when it is this moving forward how you know it doesn’t bring her back how do you how do you go on well to be honest with you by the grace of God that’s the only way I can go on but can i really go on really but to be honest with you I moved to California have Khalil McCoy dance studio I have the Colombo koi office we also have the Khalil McCoy we have t-shirts called my heart still bleeds purple so it’s like everybody is moving on with their life and I’m looking at all her friends I graduated with her and everybody’s doing good and everyone is prospering and doing great things but I don’t get that I don’t get to see my daughter my puta mama I don’t get to see her dance like she wanted to cuz she would have been a fantastic dancer yeah I don’t I don’t get to see that I don’t get to see her have an engagement ring on her finger to get married I don’t get to see her little kid running around I don’t get to see how her kids call me Nana I don’t get that but everybody else they get to see their kids or that you know they get to have their life I don’t get that and then this amount of money it can’t take the place of a life you you took something from me and now I’m always gonna have an emptiness in my heart it’s hard to just go on and people always tell me you know what Lynette it’s going to get easier you know what I tell them no it’s not my days are just getting shorter it’s never going to get easy for me that’s it so if you never lost a child you just can’t say that because you think I don’t want to hear that the truth of the matter is my days are getting shorter and every day is harder because I’m facing the fact my daughter got taken from me because of a lie that’s it that’s it I’m so sorry for your loss I’m sorry thank you for being here thank you for sharing my story about your daughter I appreciate it John thank you