Patrick Frazee will see probable cause affadavit; Berreth’s parents file wrongful death lawsuit

And let’s get right to breaking news on a federal court in Denver the parents of Kelsey beareth the missing Woodland Park mom presumed to be dead they have filed a civil lawsuit against her fiance Patrick Frazee who of course is charged with murder and solicitation to commit murder Sarah’s parents seeking an undisclosed amount of money for damages related to Beth’s presumed death their claims are centered on four main causes of action they include wrongful death negligence conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional stress again no details on just how much the Barretts are seeking in damages meantime in Taylor County today the murder case against Patrick Frazee took a step forward Frazee will soon learn what evidence police have gathered against him while future court dates are pushed back our Sam Kramer was inside the courtroom for today’s hearing he continues our coverage from Cripple Creek well the public is still very much in the dark about the evidence prosecutors have against Patrick Frazee his public defender in a phrase he himself though starting to receive that information that’s why they’re asking for more time before a possible trial in the first court hearing Monday prosecutors weren’t ready to let phrase he actually see the evidence against him citing ongoing police work it was emotion that worried judge Linda Billings availa House Counsel Damon start representing his client and preparing if he can’t even discuss the information he’s receiving prosecutors are voiding the possible Sixth Amendment violation today saying police after digging into more leads this week are now comfortable with Frazee knowing why he was charged he will have access to all of the discovery that’s going to be any videos police reports pictures anything of that nature will be provided to the defense counsel the decision highlighting Friday’s motions hearing that lasted all of seven minutes in addition to downplaying a previous request by prosecutors for specialized testing related to a tiny piece of physical evidence as well as a request from the defense to postpone the previously scheduled preliminary hearing now Judge Scott sells who’s presiding over this case now at the tellen County Courthouse agreed to vacate that hearing with consent from Frazee in the courtroom it’s now rescheduled for February 19th always watching you up for you Southern Colorado I’m Sam Cramer news 5